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July 2015 - Stratford has closed over $59 million in sales for the first six months of 2015.

January 2015 - Stratford closed on over $194 million in 2014 sales.

Stratford Land is the leading land investment manager focused on distinctive opportunities in high-growth regions of the U.S. Our goal is simple – to consistently outperform the competition through hard work, sophisticated analysis, and unmatched expertise in land. Capitalizing on over 30 years of proven land investment success and astute financing practices for land acquisition, Stratford Land provides private and institutional partners a sound strategy for superior returns and less risk in land investments.
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Stratford Land is comprised of a team of highly trained land professionals with specialized expertise in rapidly developing areas of the country. The Stratford Land team works with private and institutional investors, land developers, sellers, and buyers to build an impressive portfolio of land assets that dependably delivers on or exceeds the expectations of our investors.
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