Equity Capital

For over 30 years, our firm has worked with those seeking to take equity positions in land investments that afford consistent, risk-mitigated returns across a wide spectrum of land based-strategies. Our investors trust us to navigate volatile and stable market conditions alike, while at the same time protecting and preserving their capital without sacrificing meaningful returns. Our work involves constant fundamental analysis to identify inefficiencies or dislocations in the land markets providing potential investment opportunities under all market conditions.

Using proprietary research to identify key metrics by which to evaluate specific metropolitan areas such as a pro-growth socio-political environment, good transportation infrastructure including a major airport to support business travel and a good educational network.

Stratford’s professionals focus on land and related investments across the Sunbelt in the U.S. from Virginia south to Florida and west all the way to Southern California and Denver, Colorado.

Once Stratford’s team makes an investment, their work does not stop. Instead, they leverage their experience to create value in the assets through a variety of technical efforts, thus enhancing the probability of a successful investment outcome. Stratford takes advantage of the convergence of economic events, using their analysis and insights to inform a proven strategy of intelligent selection, curation, and value realization.

Stratford Land’s expertise in research, strategy, legal, entitlements and planning give us an edge in evaluating equity and debt investments in land across the nation. Stratford’s team is experienced in the fundamentals of strategically identifying, planning and disposing of large tracts of land that lie in the path of market growth.

Today, Stratford’s 19 investment professionals staff three offices in key strategic markets – the fastest growing regions in the U.S. and manage in excess of $1 billion in market value of land and land investments.

Stratford Land makes decisions to acquire properties based upon time-tested and proven drivers of land value, regardless of prevailing market conditions.

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