Our History

Stratford Land was founded in 1983 as a land brokerage company. Beginning in 1992 the company migrated to a focused land investment strategy, designed to deploy capital on a project-by-project basis utilizing single-asset entities. The strategy initially focused on investing in Dallas, Texas and during this time Stratford invested in and successfully exited 2,140 acres of land. Riding the waves of the real estate market through the 90’s, Stratford entities invested and exited $30 million in capital investments, realizing an internal rate of return (IRR) of 24% and an equity multiple of 2.2x.


After refining the model in Texas, Mr. Wiggins, who studied Sociology and Economics in college, consulted with industry thought
leader, Dr. David Birch of Harvard University, in order to expand the platform outside of Dallas.

In 1998 Mr. Wiggins and Dr. Birch set out to determine the appropriate metro locations in which to deploy Stratford’s strategy, guided by the professor’s groundbreaking work in demographics, migration patterns, employment opportunity, socio-political environment and metropolitan infrastructure. This work also identified key metrics by which to evaluate specific metropolitan areas such as a pro-growth socio-political environment, good transportation infrastructure including a major airport to support business travel and a good educational infrastructure.

Ongoing Refinement

Upon the development of the multi-metropolitan strategy and with the encouragement of a long-term investor, Mr. Wiggins migrated from single-asset investments to a discretionary, multi-property investment fund model.

Expansion began in 1998 in the eastern United States in North and South Carolina after raising $38 million in commitments for Fund I, followed by Texas and Arizona through our $110 million Fund II in 2004 and our $32 million Stratford Realty Capital in 2006. Stratford Land expanded to Atlanta, Georgia, and solicited major institutional investors for the first time in 2007 with the development of Fund III, including over $350 million comprised of both institutional and high-net-worth individuals’ capital available for deployment during the recession. Stratford went back to market in 2010, raising an additional $350 million for Fund IV.

Today, Stratford has three offices in our most strategic markets, Dallas, Texas, Austin, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia,, covering the fastest growing regions in the U.S. Our professionals focus on land and related investments across the U.S. Sunbelt from Virginia south to Florida and west all the way to Denver, Colorado and Southern California. Stratford Land’s expertise in research, strategy, finance, legal, entitlements and planning give us an edge in evaluating equity and debt investments in land across the nation.

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